What are the Basic Essay Writing Tips?

Every essay is different, it should be.  Each one is a different topic and written by a different person, but there are some common elements in each essay.  Each essay is the same raw material that is shaped for the student’s needs.  A basic set of tips will help the writer to complete the assignment on time and with a paper that is well done.

When a student is assigned an essay, they need to follow the parameters of the assignment, but there are a few basic writing tips that they need to follow.  These tips will help the student keep their paper in line with every other essay.  If they follow these tips then they will be able to produce a great paper.

Writing Tips

  • Grammar Matters It might seem like a little thing, grammar, but it’s the difference between a C paper and an A paper.  The correct usage of commas, sentence structure, and everything that grammar means is the foundation of a great paper.  Without grammar, the paper won’t flow and have a clear cut idea.
  • Order/Organization  Having a well-organized and ordered paper will allow the audience an easy read. It’s important that each essay have an order to it.  A journey the audience can travel and end up at the same conclusion that the writer did.  
  • Topic Stick to the topic of the assignment. If the student needs to write about women’s rights, for example, they can’t go off on a tangent about how much they love Scarlett Johansson.  They could write about how the actress responds to sexist interview questions, but not about what a fan they are.
  • Editing  Taking time to read the piece with the goal of editing is important.  Having someone else review the piece can give it a polish that it needs to really shine as well.  Editing is a step that people tend to forget, but it’s just as important as everything else when it comes to completing an essay.

Keeping these basic tips in mind will help any student as they work on their essay.  These tips will help the student have a basic format to follow.  Then they can create a paper that they will be proud of.  The basics of grammar, order and organization, topic and editing can really improve a student’s paper no matter how poorly they have done in the past.