9 Captivating Topics For An Expository Essay On Wedding

An expository essay can be written about a wide range of different topics, and is generally used to allow students to research and investigate a particular topic, before trying to examine and expand upon any facts that they may discover. Furthermore, you will often be required to include a subjective point of view, based on any facts that you discover.

As a result, there is going to be a lot to think of when choosing a good topic to write about. Therefore, it can be good to try and think of a general topic to start with. For example, if you are discussing weddings as part of your work, you may wish to discuss the ceremony in some way. Once you have this general topic in mind, you can start to focus on the different aspects of the ceremony, such as the wedding vows or the reception afterwards. Furthermore, once you have narrowed down the precise thing that you wish to discuss, you will then be able to develop this into a question, including some form of subjective response.

To give you some ideas of what to write about, there are nine suggestions below.

  1. Cost-wise, what are the differences between hiring and buying a wedding dress, and which is more suitable?
  2. When asked for a monetary contribution, how much on average do most guests give and is there a correlation between relationships between guests and the couple getting married, and all guests normally generous enough?
  3. How long does the average marriage take to arrange and do people underestimate what is required?
  4. What effect is modern life having on the average age of couples who are getting married in the 21st century, and were people too young or old when getting married in the past?
  5. What is the average length of a marriage in the present day and do people give enough thought about marriage been a lifelong commitment?
  6. What proportion of marriages end in divorce and do people take marriage seriously?
  7. How does legislation on same-sex marriage differ around the world, and is legislation acceptable in your country?
  8. How does legislation referring to the minimum age for marriage differ in countries around the world, and do you agree with the minimum age where you live?
  9. What are the main differences between a Christian and Hindu wedding ceremonies and do these differences matter in relation to the concept of marriage itself?