A Rose For Emily Essay Topics- 10 Outstanding Ideas

Many English teachers will ask you to read the story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. The main reason is because of how well it was written. He uses many literary techniques that can be used by students to understand how to use them. It is a piece of literary genius in the way that it was written.

It is a story about a women who lives a secluded life in her home and it isn’t until after her death that the townspeople discover some very gruesome secrets about her. It is interesting in that Faulkner uses some interesting techniques in his writing style that help create suspense and allows the reader to understand how all of the pieces fit together only in the end of the story. Here are some great topics that will help you get started on your essay.

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  1. How does the use of the southern storytelling style affect how the story turns out?
  2. How does the story being told in a non-chronological order affect the reader’s perception?
  3. How does Faulkner build suspense and is it effective?
  4. Why did everyone overlook Emily as a suspect in the murder of Homer Barron?
  5. How does Faulkner portray the change in the social structure of the American South in the early twentieth century?
  6. How does Faulkner use symbols to portray change and decay?
  7. What is the symbolic meaning of Homer’s carriage?
  8. What significance do the locked room and the hair found on the pillow have?
  9. How does Faulkner set the tone in the first part of the piece and what techniques does he use to do it?
  10. What time period do you believe the story was set in and why?

You should read through the story again once you have found your topic. Find actual parts of the story that prove your point. Highlight passages that you can use as evidence. Your essay should include actual passages from the text that support that various claims that you are making. It will enhance your paper and make it effective.

The topic that you choose is really important. Do not get held back because you chose a topic that isn’t strong enough for this type of paper. You want to be able to create a main theme and prove it with at least three examples.