What Is An Essay Hook And How To Create One Without Effort?

Students write academic essays of all sorts during their career depending upon the instructions of their teachers and the requirements of their educational grade. If you are to create a strong essay on any given subject, you will need to think of a way to engage your audience. The entire class is going to attempt the paper on the same prompt so you need to have something that will make your paper stand out. This is important because you cannot get away with an average headline and expect the readers to be interested in your assignment. You must be able to build the curiosity of your audience and give them something to linger on to. In writing terms, this is called hooking your audience. You will use a phrase, fact or a transitional hook in order to engage your audience and develop their interest for the paper.

You might understand what a hook is because you would have seen examples of it in several writings from different authors. Sometimes you read a sentence that actually leaves you wondering and you want to continue reading in order to know more about it. This is a hook. If you wish to include a hook in your essay, then you should consider these suggestions

  1. Start with a question. You can do this in order to develop the interest of the reader. When you ask something from your reader, it naturally involves him and he wants to know the answer. It can be a simple question relevant to your niche so that the reader expects to find the answer or confirm his answer by reading the rest of the assignment
  2. Create a picture in the mind of your reader by using descriptive words. This makes the reader feel connected to your writing and helps him feel related when they can visualize the subject being discussed. Descriptive words add life to your writing and help the readers develop an interest
  3. Use a strong fact or stat about the subject that is less common. You can then take it from there when you have engaged your audience
  4. You can even consider negating or denying something or begin with an assertion. Both of these strategies work to interest the audience
  5. Let it be a mystery and keep your readers guessing for the rest of the paper