How to write an effective argumentative essay in 7 simple steps

Writing an argumentative essay is hard, because people tend to resist changing their opinions even if what they think is wrong. Therefore, to write an argumentative essay is attempt to overcome this force, which is a mighty challenge indeed. Therefore, to facilitate this, here are seven simple and easy steps to writing a good argumentative essay.

  1. Pick a good topic. This is very important, as a good topic allows you to stir up controversy and interest, which is the core of argument. This is what creates good argument, so controversy is important to learn.
  2. Pick a side! Arguments are about choosing a side, so there is nothing more important than choosing the correct one. After your topic, you should pick a side, then do research, this saves the time of fully researching multiple views on the same topic, which is wasteful. In addition, it is best if you take the time to think it out and choose the correct side, as it is best not to be wrong.
  3. Do research. It is very important to do research, because if you simply make unsubstantiated claims than no one will take you seriously. Instead, dive into the literature and gain a mature understanding of your topic, because this will let you debate with assertiveness and conviction.
  4. You are going to want to introduce you paper first. The goals you have are going to be making sure your audience understands what the issue is, why it is important, and where you stand on it. It is best to have several main points you cover in this section.
  5. The body of your paper is first going to consist of your argument. Assess why your statements are true, and then do research to show why what you believe is right. You want to make sure you present your ideas in a clear format, and that they are presented in a logical fashion.
  6. The opponents will have counter arguments of course, and the opposing side to your ideology will have reasons, however ill advised, so you must learn what those reasons are and then explain why they are wrong.
  7. Finally, now that you have proven that you are right, you must write a conclusion. You should again cover your main points, briefly, as well as summarize your position. You should also leave a concluding statement, perhaps related to the opening statement of your essay.