How to Find a Well-Written Analysis Essay Example: 5 Places You Should Check

Studying sample papers will help you improve your writing skills. This will also give you some interesting ideas on how to go about creating original and interesting essays. Please note that in order to actually benefit from this method, you will need to find high quality paper samples. This will require a bit of research on your part.

Here are where you can find good examples of an analysis essay:

  1. College/University Library:
  2. The majority of higher educational institutions store some of their students’ papers in order to provide reference materials for future generations. The school library offers them for free, so you shouldn’t lose the chance to draw from this vast pool of knowledge.

    The best things about taking sample papers from a college library are:

    • You can be perfectly sure that the essay is of high quality, as it has already been checked and graded.
    • You can get some original ideas about your own topic if you choose the right papers to study. Librarians should be able to help you here.
  3. College/University Websites:
  4. For similar reasons, various educational institutions post some of the essays on their websites. The good thing is that the quality of the papers is guaranteed. The problem with this source is that the number of the papers available for download is limited. However, the ones that you can get are free. This option is perfect if you only need to get more information on the essay type, and not on your particular topic.

  5. Free Essay Databases:
  6. These websites offer a great variety of essays on all kinds of topics. Usually, you only need to go through a simple registration process in order to get free access to all the papers in the database.

    However, the essays posted on these resources are usually of low quality. This means that studying them can actually harm you, as you may unconsciously copy someone else’s mistakes.

  7. Custom Writing Services:
  8. There are quite a few companies like this online, and some of them even offer the sample papers for free. Remember that these essay examples aren’t unique. This means that you cannot simply give the sample paper to your teacher as if you’ve actually written it.

  9. Older Students:
  10. The vast majority of students store copies of their essays, so you may simply ask them for some examples to study. Bear in mind that if you find some of the ideas given in the essay interesting and include them in your own work, you need to credit the original author, even if you don’t quote the essay directly.