Advancement Of Aviation Technology

The history of aviation technology is tentatively short but the progress made is quite enormous. The difference between the modern flights and the wright brother first flight is nothing short of amazing. There is no doubt that the advancement of aviation technology is attributed to the fast growing technology in computers and the increasing demand for more efficient and safer airplane designs for business, air travel and war.

The advancement of aviation technology cannot be completed without acknowledging the work of wright brothers. Although there were several prior aircraft designs and attempt of flight, it was the airplane design of the wright brothers which set the standards for the modern airplanes. Wright brothers twelve second flight in 1903 was the first ever controlled flight, which was power by engine. Further, it was the first heavier than air flight in the history of the aircrafts.

Aircraft Design Development

The modern aviation history dates back in 19914 to 1918 during the First World War. The need for a system by pilots to communicate with their ground personnel and commanders led to the invention and development of the airplane communication system, radiotelephone. It was during this time when the fabric and the wood materials used in constructing body of airplanes were replaced with aluminum, which was stronger, safer and lighter. The biplanes were as well phased out for the monoplanes development, which were more maneuverable and sleeker.

By the begging of 1939 to the 1945, during the Second World War, airplane instruments had fully been developed and the first ever engine jet was being developed. As a result of the war, the jet airliner age started. Flights were used to transport people around the globe.

Aircraft System Development

Due to transoceanic and high altitudes flights, aerodynamics, improved engines and aircraft metal types were developed. Since then, the design of airplanes has remained relatively consistent, with most of the main changes coming from the composite structure and electronic systems, depending on the communication efficiency need, airplane cost of operation and navigation.

The development of the turbine powered engine is one of the greatest achievements in the aircraft history. The invention of turbine powered engines has drastically increased the speed, maneuverability and rate of climbing, which has really transformed the world of aviation. Due to the need for safety, all high capacity flights are fitted with several engines to ensure safe landing in case one engine fails. Development of cabin pressurization system has ensured that airplane maintains low altitudes even when travelling in high altitudes which make the journey more comfortable for passengers.