Key Components Of A Reflective Essay: A Writing Guide

A reflective essay is, as the name would suggest something which requires deep reflection on behalf of the writer. A good reflective essay something which will reflect upon a personal component such as a life-changing events or favored piece of literature, something with which you are truly familiar. This level of familiarity makes the writing much more intimate and makes the finished product a much more passionate and coherent argument, something which will not only impressed the reader but earn you a much higher grade.

The key components to a reflective essay are as follows:

  • The introduction
  • Introduction is the first component but is not necessarily the first thing you must write. Many students are under the impression that because this section is the first part of the finished product that they must write it before they tackle any other part. But this is simply not true. As the writer you have the freedom and the opportunity to craft your finished product in whatever order is most prepared in that moment. If you feel that your body paragraphs are ready to be written then start with them. In fact, many students return to the introduction at the end and finish it as the last component before submitting their final draft.

  • The body
  • The body paragraphs function much the same as any other body paragraphs such that they include the different aspects of your reflection. It is important to note that a single item of reflection or a single component to your analysis must be contained in each paragraph. You do not want to try and cram multiple ideas into a single body paragraph or conversely spread out your ideas so thinly that each paragraph consists of one or two sentences.

    The body paragraphs should be roughly the same length as one another and you must use good transitional words and phrases to move your reader seamlessly from one area to another. This is true of every paragraph in your piece including the first and last paragraphs.

  • The conclusion
  • This is the final component to your writing assignment one which leaves the reader with a lasting impression. It is here that you have your final opportunity to remind the reader of everything that you presented within the body. It is also important to note that this section must coincide with the introduction in order to create a frame around your body. The two must work in tandem and as a result they are quite similar in their structure. You should have one sentence approximately, for each of your body paragraphs reminding the reader of the purpose behind each idea you presented.

By tying together all three of these components you have the writing guide you need to create the perfect reflective piece.