Tips on how to craft a strong essay from someone else's paper sample

Sometime great writing ideas are inspired by great reading and analysis of similar work. Often we find that when we are asked to write on something, we tend to be clueless of the different topics to be covered and details to be discussed in a given essay topic. This is part of initial hesitancy of the writer to form a basic framework for writing an essay and develop the essay likewise, based on ideas, arguments , comparisons, criticisms, agreements and closer analysis.

For any write up, the major influence of basic idea is very fundamental in developing it around the base idea. So, in order to get wide exposure in the subject, it is sometimes advisable to capture the key idea or argument by reading someone else’s essay, the technique used by the writer and analysis can lead to development of new ideas based on the critical examination which form opinion on the essay. This opinion aids in developing your own essay by the inspiration of someone else’s essay. The idea is not to sell the same product in a different capsule but to develop the product by improvising and providing further scope for research and groundwork for the product, in an innovative way. Any writing work must pave the way for future analysis in cross examination.

Developing essay from sample

In order to develop a strong essay based on someone else’s sample essay, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Do not write a prototype of sample essay
  • Simply cutting and pasting will not help in gaining brownie points for your essay. Maintain a significant level of originality and form the essay based on the opinion and analysis of the sample essay.

  • Analyse the sample essay
  • Look for the basic point of view of the essay writer. Observe the technique employed by the writer to develop the essay. Study the main idea or points discussed in the essay. Get exposure to diverse point of views by reading 2-3 essays.

  • Form a balanced argument
  • Based on the analysis of the sample essay, try to develop an argument that either supports the main idea of the sample essay or negates the idea mentioned in the essay.

  • Cite reasons and explanations for your arguments
  • When you read a sample essay, you tend to form certain opinion about the views discussed in the sample essay. Justify your original opinion on sample essay by way of reasoning and explanations on what makes you to agree or disagree with the points listed in the essay and state what according to you is the best argument or key idea of the essay topic.

  • Compare and contrast different essays
  • When you make comparisons between 2 or more essays, you tend to develop a strong essay which ponders on all the points discussed in the sample essay and consolidates it as a new/ fresh opinion.

  • Critically analyse the sample essay
  • Find out points that you could have presented differently in the sample essay and how it would aid in proposing a stronger argument on the same. Avoid the mistakes done by writer in sample essay and infuse fresh ideas on the same.

  • Note your opinion on essay
  • This helps in forming a basis for your essay.

  • Evaluate and revise the essay and express creatively
  • Consult others to give their opinion on the essay written by you and elicit feedback and revise the essay. Employ a creative and unique technique of narration and storytelling in your essay.


Thus a strong essay can be developed by reading similar work of another person on the same topic and packaging it as a new information based on your personal views by enriched learning and greater understanding of the concepts.