10 Amazing Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay, is an essay designed to calmly persuade the reader to agree with the writer. It is a softer version of the argumentative essay, in that it pushes a point of view to the reader. Some original ideas can create amazing topic ideas, when done right. In that the idea needs to be developed, that will grab the attention of the reader, with a point they may not have thought of before. Here are some ideas, for how to create amazing topic ideas, for a persuasive essay.

  1. Journalism
  2. Social Topics
  3. Terrorism
  4. History
  5. Romance Novels


In today’s world, the news media is focused on stories, quickly released, or filling a political line, and not the accuracy of them. Thus, too much misinformation is spread to the people.

  • Investigative Journalists, need to Investigate
  • Political view of media outlets, interfere with truth

Social Topics

Many things in the world affect us, and in that, some should not have the effect they do. Covering them, should produce some every interesting essays. Look at how many things affect people today, social media, internet in general, programs, and even the governments. These all in some way creates social issues, that can be covered.

  • Should young women be allowed to have abortions, without the parent’s knowledge?
  • Overindulgence on Social Media


This is a very present topic of today. Do we feel our Governments are doing all they can to protect us? Can they do better? Or is it overrated? Every person has their views, and this would be a good forum to present the students’ views on this topic.

  • Politicians Aiding Terrorists
  • News Media Underrates the Dangers of Terrorism


History can give many different views, and some of these can bring very interesting topics or a persuasive essay. The student can bring different views to be presented, from information they have learned.

  • The First Americans came by Sea
  • Nero Played a Hydraulis, not a Fiddel

Romance Novels

Of all novels, the ones that get the most comments, are romance novels. Many factors about them are questionable, and even as such should possibly make them unavailable to younger children. This is one area, that some modification might be needed in, and because of this, can make for some very interesting debates. Also, this can make an interesting persuasive essay.

  • Should Some Romance Novels be given an “X” rating?
  • Should Romance novels be made Adults Only?