Essay Writing Help: 10 Ideas That Will Help You Impress Your Marker 

Would you like to write impressive essays to always pleasantly surprise your teacher and have a well-earned reputation of an intelligent and creative student? Undoubtedly, your answer is “yes”: and the reason is not only in high grades, but also in the opportunity to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. The following ideas may bring you onto the right track:

  1. Be creative.
  2. Start your essay with a shock. It’s now or never that you can grip the reader’s attention. Use a personal story, analogy, some controversial information, or striking facts.

  3. Express emotions.
  4. Add any kinds of thought-provoking emotions to your piece of writing. You’d better include it in the conclusion; using a question in the last sentence will help you get through to the reader’s emotions.

  5. Give your personal opinion on the issue.
  6. If you express your own opinion on the problem in question, your essay will only benefit.

  7. Play with the sentence structures.
  8. Change the standard word order to stress an important issue, or start several sentences with one and the same phrase to emphasize your emotions.

  9. Use quotations.
  10. To support your ideas, quote famous people, movie stars, use words to the songs, some apt sayings and proverbs. You may even purposely change a word or two in the well-known phrase to play with the meaning.

  11. Use strong vocabulary.
  12. Your essay shouldn’t be written in too complex words, but it shouldn’t be too simple as well. The proper use of more advanced language will prove that you have a good grasp of the topic.

  13. Make use of thesaurus.
  14. Everybody has “favorite” words and may use them all too often. Using appropriate synonyms will help you keep the reader’s attention, and your paper won’t seem too monotonous.

  15. Be witty.
  16. Make your teacher smile. Turn a phrase, quote a joke, or precisely paraphrase. However, don’t stray from an academic style of your paper.

  17. Be clear.
  18. Do not use too long and pretentious sentences, because they are difficult to comprehend. If you are talking about some tricky issue, make use of the clear and simple words and sentences. Let the reader understand the idea. There is no need to be sophisticated in this case.

  19. Edit your paper.
  20. Your essay won’t be a success if you don’t know how to edit it. Grammatical mistakes and typos are the smallest problems you should take care of. Look for the phrases that are awkward or confusing, and rewrite or delete them.