How to write a profile paper on a person: controversial issues

When you write a profile paper on a person you are more often than not comparing them to something or someone in history. This is one of the simplest types of essays to write. All you have to do is to get facts from both items under study and then comparing them. To do this, you should write down the similarities and differences on a piece of paper and then weighing the options. Ask yourself, which are more significant? It is recommended that you first of all discuss the side which is less significant followed by the one that has more significant. Another school of thought is that of discussing both the similarities and differences together. However, it is better to discuss them separately.

Once you have done this, you should now select any of the methods discussed below and organize them. Then, after selecting the best method for this, it is very important, ask yourself this question: what are the main points that you might make in the essay about the people/things being compared? Until you have carefully identified this, don’t start writing the essay. It won’t work. These points that you have identified should help you make the best decision about the essay. If you find that one point (similarity or difference) is not related to the point, throw it out and think of one that is related. Alternatively, you can revise the point and make sure that it is well explained.

Plan A: This plan is important if you have many similarities and differences to the topic. Its main advantage is that it will help you reduce the amount of space and time. You should come up with a solid introduction and then say all you want about the first character. Then, you should go to the second half of the essay and write all the information about the second character. You should compare and contrast each point as you write.

Plan B: This method is appropriate if you have a few but detailed similarities and differences. First, you should write the introduction and then explain the differences and similarities. You should then move to the next paragraphs and detail the differences and similarities. If you are doing the similarities as well as the differences, write them briefly on a piece of paper. Then, write the least important points followed by the more important point. For instance, A and B are alike in their interests, followed by the more important such as ‘but A is much more aware of the dangers than B’.