How To Choose Creative Process Analysis Essay Topics: Useful Ideas From Experts

In our day to day life; we go through a number of processes either directly or indirectly. We care less about the process and more about the end. For instance, when we give our cell phone for repair, we are only interested in getting a repaired cell phone; not how it has been repaired.

Analyzing critical angles

Process analysis essays actually lay bare the process and analyze it from critical angles. If it is a systemic process; say, the exam paper setting process; you can also slither into the viability and organization of the process.

Complete information

Needless to say, when you choose such an essay to write on; you should have complete information of the process in order to assess, ascertain and analyze it. You cannot do so from the shores; you have to dive mid-swing where the water is the deepest.

A valid scope

Also, you should choose such topics which offer scopes for analysis. You should not choose superficial topics but those which have layers and thus offer you great spice and avenue. You should also be able to identify its potent junctures. This will help redefine and strengthen the mores of your essay.

Easy to understand

The main logic of this essay is to present the analysis in such a user-friendly manner that readers automatically understand the odds and ends of it. You cannot leave things hanging. For instance, if you are explaining the process of loans; you should give a step-by-step direction to the readers so they know what they require and how they should proceed for loans. Merely defining loans won’t be enough.

Relevant and fresh

You should also keep one important thing in mind while choosing the essay topic. It should be relevant to the current times. The process should be commonplace in people’s lives; something which may prove to be bothersome for a few. Choose fresh and recent topics; not old ones which have lost their glory with time.

Here are 10 essay topics to give you a better idea –

  1. How to obtain a passport legally in quick time
  2. How to file litigation
  3. How to emerge from break-up blues
  4. How to strategize winning Rugby ploys
  5. How to prepare for a job interview
  6. How to remain a constant winner while gambling in horse racing
  7. What mechanism keeps the train running on tracks?
  8. How to make a delicious Biryani
  9. How does online banking materialize?
  10. The correct process of camping in a forest