What To Do if You Don't Know Where To Get Argumentative Essay Topics?

So, your instructor is letting you pick your own argumentative essay topic. Unfortunately, you have no idea what to write on! Here, are some helpful suggestions for coming up with great topics for an argumentative paper.

  1. Google some current events
  2. First things first you want to choose a topic that is relevant to today. The fastest way to do this is by Googling some search results for current events. What is happening in the world? Does anything stand out to you as an interesting subject for your argumentative paper?

    Try to find a topic that is trending right now with two or more solid angles. What this means is that there are few different ways to look at the issue and that there is a strong debate going on. Once you have narrowed down your topic choice, you will also have to choose a side to defend. Make sure that there is enough supportive evidence and resources out there for you to use for this.

  3. Read a magazine
  4. Another great place to get ideas for your argumentative essay is in a magazine or newspaper. Look for a journalist who chooses an argumentative angle and see if your can work with their piece as an example. Some publications merely present current events and ideas while others will actually choose an angle and defend it. Pieces like this, work as great examples for learning how to compose a fantastic argumentative essay.

  5. Watch TV
  6. Lastly, and it is hard to believe we are saying this, but watch TV if you need help coming up with an argumentative essay topic. Many informative television shows present information that is perfect for an argumentative essay if you know how to analyze it. If you still aren’t sure where to get your idea from, try watching the news for an hour. There are so many debatable issues out there it should be easy to find one that strikes your interest.

Remember, argumentative essay writing is all about choosing an issue and debating it intelligently. For this reason you can write on just about anything as long has it has a solid argument behind it. Make sure you can find strong evidence and examples to back your paper up! And, for the sake of the reader choose something interesting that they will actually feel stimulated reading about!