How To Choose An Offbeat Topic For A College Essay: Tips And Examples

You will have to write many different essays for college. It is one of the most used evaluation tools out there. You can learn to write effective essays that really make a difference if you just know how.

One way to make a huge difference is to write about an offbeat topic. This unique topic will gain you a little advantage over the other students. When your teacher has read fifteen abortion essays before she got to your paper and you wrote your paper on abortion, she has the criteria that she set and all of the other papers to set your paper against. You instructor is supposed to grade your paper individually from the other papers, but human nature makes this difficult. It is like when you are a juror and an important piece is stricken from the record. You can’t go back and pretend you didn’t hear it. You can even tell yourself that it can’t be considered in your decision, but the fact is that it will subconsciously affect your decision in the end whether you want it to or not. Therefore, by choosing an offbeat topic that is unique, you are giving yourself a clean slate to start from.

Tips and Examples

  • Make sure that the topic that you choose is one that you find interesting. That will help you because it will be a lot easier to write about a topic that you are interested in.
  • Brainstorm some ideas. You can use associations to come up with great topics or get your ideas from your book’s table of contents. Jot them down so that you can choose the best one when it is time.
  • Create a short outline. When you think that you have a good topic in mind, create a short outline to ensure that you will have the right amount of information to complete it.
  • Here are some great places to find example topics to use for your next paper. They are usually broken down by the class that you are writing your paper for so that you can make sure that the topic that you choose is relevant.

Expert writing sites

They use examples to promote their services. You will get a list of many different topics because they will focus on reaching as many people as possible.

Online lists

You can also find your topic in one of the millions of online lists that are present on the internet. There will be many to choose from so you only have to find one that is not so popular and write about that.