Suggested persuasive essay topics to write about

It is not difficult at all for you to find persuasive essay topics to write about. There are hundreds if not thousands of them and in some ways finding them is just as easy. But making the choice is the key to your success. You want to make your essay as good as possible. You want to get the highest score possible. To do that you need to know the basic qualities regarding your topic.

  • Do you really want to write about it?
  • Is it a genuinely persuasive essay topic?

If you have a passion for a particular topic it makes it so much easier for you to get enthusiastic and to write well. Unfortunately, the opposite applies. So think carefully about your choice of persuasive essay topic. Look for something which stirs your blood.

The second basic qualification is that you must choose a topic which is genuinely a persuasive essay topic. You see the whole point of your writing is that you need to persuade the reader, usually your teacher or professor, that the point of view you support in the essay is correct. The only way you can do that is to write well and to choose a topic which lends itself to persuasion. Some people refer to a persuasive essay as an argumentative essay. You have to argue that your case is the best case. So if you choose a topic which is wishy-washy or which doesn't lend itself to persuasion, then you are like the young boy with a wheelbarrow pushing it uphill. You have the job in front of you.

Give yourself a break. Choose a persuasive essay topic which you really like and which lends itself to argument. Here are some suggested persuasive essay topics to write about.

  • People who go on diets either don't lose weight or put the weight back on.
  • Arranged marriages are still created today.
  • Once a woman has a baby she should stop work and become a full-time mother.
  • Tobacco should be deemed to be an illegal substance and all cigarette sales banned.
  • Payment to the unemployed should be cut in half to encourage people to look for work.
  • Torture of prisoners should never be tolerated.
  • Voting in all elections should be compulsory.

Notice that each topic lends itself to opposing points of view. Write an essay supporting one side of the topic and do it well with evidence to support your claims.