20 Fantastic Process Essay Topics For College

How To?  That is usually the first two words used in a process essay title.  A process essay is one where you tell your reader how to do something that they don’t already know how to do.  You are the expert in this case and most of the time you have to little to no research on the topic that you pick.

This can make the writing process a lot easier but it is always a good idea to maybe look for other topics that you know little about to use in your process essay. Like how to do a simple magic trick, if you have to present it then this would be a fun one to demonstrate to your class.  Or you can pick something that you have always wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it.  This will give you a new skill that you have learned and write a fantastic process essay.

20 Fantastic Topics

  • How to clean and organize a room?
  • How to design and build your own website?
  • How to start your own business?
  • How to run and get ready to run a marathon?
  • How to analyze and explain dreams?
  • How to do first aid on a wound so you can prevent infection?
  • How to drive a manual shift car?
  • How to do a certain hairstyle?
  • How to make a flower arrangement?
  • How to sew something, a dress, button, and hem?
  • How to do a gymnastics stunt?
  • How to teach a preschool or elementary child how to read?
  • How to do a curve ball?
  • How to inexpensively entertain guests?
  • How to learn a different language?
  • How to shoot a gun?
  • How to come up with a budget?
  • How to prevent yourself from become sick?
  • How to get a good deal on a car?
  • How to choose your major in college?

All of these process essay topics are a good place to start to at least get some ideas for your topic.  You can easily go with a topic that you already know about or think outside the box.  Either way, you have to make sure you tell the readers the entire step on how to the topic and tell them at the end if they did the task right or wrong.  If you don’t tell the reader this, they won’t know if they did it right or not.