Is Fashion Important: 20 Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics

You may have heard advice stating that one of the best ways to compose a great argumentative essay is to choose a topic that you find interesting, is original and isn’t too narrow or too broad. There’s no disagreement here, which is why we’ve put together this list of 20 excellent topics for you to choose from to use as your own or as inspiration towards creating one of your own:

  1. Do you think it’s unethical to employ factory workers in developing countries in order to make significant profits on the latest clothing trends?
  2. Do you think there are negative psychological effects that come with owning certain fashion products (i.e., name brands)?
  3. Should manufacturing laws and employees rights’ be universal when products are sold internationally to more stable economies?
  4. Do you think technology’s influence in how companies sell their products can be held responsible for ongoing maltreatment of factory workers?
  5. What do you believe has been the biggest historical trend to affect the way garments are produced and consumed?
  6. Should more people care about the factory workers who make the clothing we purchase?
  7. Which age group and demographic do you think has the greatest influence on the fashion industry?
  8. Should new parents care about the brand of clothes their children wear when the materials and construction of said clothes are of the same quality?
  9. Should factory workers earn a percentage of a company’s shareholder profits, considering how they are often underpaid yet work in difficult conditions?
  10. Are designer clothing prices unethically high when you consider that a significant part of the world lives below the poverty line?
  11. How does the garment industry affect what becomes a retro trend? Do you think they should have little to no say on what people want to wear or purchase second hand?
  12. Do you believe that white collar crimes committed in the clothing industry should be punished more or less than they are now?
  13. What influence do celebrities and athletes have on clothing lines and should they face public criticism for what happens to a company’s failure (or success)?
  14. What does the standard of education have to do with how the fashion industry is managed in today’s world?
  15. Do you think the fashion industry plays a role in preventing schools from adopting dress codes for their students?
  16. What is your opinion on whether children should be allowed to wear whatever they want in order to feel more comfortable among their peers?
  17. How important is corporate espionage in the clothing industry and should the government take a greater role in protecting large corporations in this field?
  18. Should the fashion industry be more concerned about workplace health and safety requirements in their factories?
  19. Do you believe that the fashion industry should be held responsible for damages made to the environment?
  20. If given the opportunity to change one trend in clothing from the last two decades what would you choose and why?