A list of controversial essay argument topics

One type of essay that you may be asked to write is a controversial essay. These essays are written to persuade your audience into believing your side of the controversial issue. The most controversial issues have the same amount of people that support the issue as they do opposing the issue. There is really no right or wrong answer so you won’t be judged on that aspect. It is all a matter of opinion. Some people agree that it is morally right, some agree that it is morally wrong, and some either don’t care or are on the fence.

One major way to choose a controversial issue is to find one that you either agree with or disagree with. For example, if you are discussing the moral issue of abortion and you feel like it is wrong except under special circumstances like if the mother was raped, you shouldn’t choose this topic. Only choose this topic if you feel that there is no time that abortion should be allowed or that it should be the individual’s choice whether or not to have an abortion.

List of topics to discuss besides Abortion

  • Euthanasia: Doctor assisted suicide is an issue that is very controversial. On one side, people believe that if their loved ones are in pain with no hope of recovery, they should be allowed to die in peace so they don’t have to suffer anymore. On the other side, people believe that suicide and murder are morally wrong and that there is no way to know that a person won’t recover.
  • Animal Testing: Vaccines are tested on animals to see if they will work on humans. That means these animals are infected with deadly diseases and the vaccines may or may not save them.
  • Legalization of marijuana: A huge controversial issue is the legalization of marijuana. This drug has been proven to help people medically but it is still illegal in most states. The controversial issue is whether or not it should be legalized for recreational use. The supporters believe that it is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and believe it should be legal. The opponents believe that without proper control in place it will lead to more problems.

No matter which topic you choose, it is important to make your stand on one side or the other. Your task is to prove your side beyond doubt.