Academic writing hints on how to make an essay in a proper format

There are many formats that have been universally accepted when writing a paper. Some of these formats are:

  • APA- This is recommended for social and behavioral papers. It is usually also recommended for complex scientific papers
  • MLA format- This is best suited for literature oriented papers
  • Harvard format – This is general and can be accepted for many areas
  • Chicago- Also, this is accepted for other genres

There is usually no very big difference on how these papers are presented. The main difference is on how the cover page is presented as well as citations and references. APA which includes areas such as literature review and background study is usually preferred for scientific based papers. For other areas such as literature, you don’t need these fields and so the other formats are enough. You only need a simple cover sheet and an essay that has other fields.

Another area that is very important is in the citation and referencing. They all have different ways of referencing and citing the materials. There are many guides that are very comprehensive and ones that can be found online.

When writing a scientific essay, it is very important to note that originality is very essential. All parts of the essays should be original and straight to the point. Plagiarism is one of the biggest crime you can ever do in any institution. It is in fact stealing and can be prosecuted in a court of law. The essay needs to be on a very serious tone though standard tone can be used once in a while. However, there are areas where you derive information from another researcher. In this instance, what you should do is to put a citation at the exact point. You can also put quotation marks if you are copying word to word of what has already been written.

Therefore, it is very important for you to gather as much information as possible when writing such a document. There is no single document that can be accepted if you don’t cite academic sources. There are many types of sources that can be used. One of them is criticism where you evaluate the content submitted by other writers and argue out their points to the contrary of what is there. Treat these comments as valid coming from an expert.