A List of Eye-Catching Topics for Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are assignments often given to students by their supervisors. These papers serve a variety of purposes, but you should keep in mind that each successful essay should have the following important characteristics:

  • They are organized in a clear manner.
  • A central idea is interesting to read about.
  • Specific details relevant to that central point are provided.

When you start working on your narrative essay, you should do your best while choosing an eye-catching topic for your paper. If you have no idea what to write about, you should study the list of great topics for narrative essays, select several topics that you like the most, and get one of them approved by your supervisor. These topics may remind you of something you would like to write about; it is always better to describe your personal experience in your narrative essay:

  1. A memorable family event, e.g. a wedding ceremony or family reunion.
  2. The most fascinating moment of a football or basketball game.
  3. Your first day at a new city.
  4. Your last day at school.
  5. The best date you have ever had.
  6. A moment that has changed your life.
  7. An experience you would like to share with others.
  8. A strange letter or message that you received.
  9. Your experience of using smart devices: how they influence your everyday routine.
  10. A frightening situation: how you managed it.
  11. The best vacation trip.
  12. Your first visit to a big city.
  13. Your best friend: how you spend time together.
  14. A story about how people should be careful of what they wish for.
  15. The consequences of misunderstanding: why it is important to communicate efficiently.
  16. A difficult decision that you had to make: what you were thinking about then.
  17. A historic event that have changed lives of hundreds of people.
  18. An act of heroism: people should know about the heroes.
  19. How other people have influenced your personality.
  20. A childish experience that you remember until now.
  21. How different people interpret the same event or situation: two different versions.
  22. What people should do if they witness a traffic accident.
  23. The moment when you decided to change your life and start over.
  24. How you or your friends have survived a natural disaster.
  25. The most unusual building that you have ever seen.
  26. What kind of an experience help people grow up.
  27. A lesson that you consider important to learn for every person.
  28. The most important scientific discovery in recent decades.
  29. Your favorite kind of sports.
  30. The least interesting subject at high school.