How to Write a Proper Essay Outline in 30 Minutes

Few students have native writing skills and create great texts without putting much effort. For example, you have to prepare an essay. How much time do you need considering that the paper should be only two-pages long? In most cases, it is enough to spend 30 minutes writing, or order essay writing and get a well-done piece in 15 minutes. There are many pieces of advice that are applicable in order to make your writing faster, including:

  • After the researchis done, take note cards and put down bullet points you find valuable. Organize the cards and label each one.
  • When you have arranged the cards, it is time to compose the sentences out of each bullet note. Try to write quickly and without many details.
  • Now you have rough pieces of text, type them and use double space to be able to put the connections and mark the places where more details are required.
  • Your ideas might flow better if you add some sentences or connection words.
  • Your essay should be clear for a non-professional. Try to keep it simple and provide enough explanation. Do not overload the text with the details and professional jargon.
  • Check your opening paragraph. Make sure it introduces the main points written below and the thesis statement corresponds to the topic.
  • The last step to make is editing and formatting. Proofread is an essential part of the whole writing process. A nice advice is to print your work out and edit the printed version. Surprisingly, this way makes it easier to notice mistakes and roughness.

You will do your work faster if you have a habit of applying grammar rules, punctuation and orthography. Strong grammar knowledge is necessary. Otherwise, you will stop every few minutes and spend time considering if you need to place coma here and there, how to spell “hour” or simply searching the dictionary to make certain you use a correct preposition.

If you do not know how to start your essay, try to write down a quotation and explain it. Then provide supportive arguments or show your personal attitude. Naturally, it takes some time to find and pick a quote first, so use online resources to make the search faster and get a huge variety of options in seconds. While you are looking through numerous recourses do not avoid reading guidelines about how to write more effectively.

Practice makes your knowledge permanent and easily accessible, so you spend less time doing the same task. Do not avoid writing and try to read more books in order to learn new vocabulary and gain ideas.