Excellent Expository Essay Topics To Write About

An expository essay is an essay that explains a certain topic using facts and not opinions. You would usually choose a topic that answers what and how questions. The first person essay is never used. All of the information in the article is strictly fact with evidence provided to prove the information provided. You would use the introduction to tell your reader what you are going to report about. Then the body would give the information and facts about your topic. Your conclusion will restate your topic and then give the audience a chance to decide for himself what to do next. I have listed some excellent, interesting topics that will catch the interest of most readers:

  • Who chose the mascot for your high school?
  • How can you join a fraternity?
  • What is the best way to study for final exams?
  • How can you help a friend who is addicted to drugs?
  • What is the best way to choose a college?
  • Who was the top basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers?
  • What is the largest planet in the universe?
  • Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
  • Who discovered the telephone?
  • What car has the best gas mileage?
  • How can you bake an angelfood cake?
  • How can you get financing for college?
  • How do you create a good resume?
  • How can you learn how to drive a car?
  • What are the rules for cribbage?
  • Who were the actors in “Gone with the wind”?
  • What kind of boat was in the “Titanic”?

Remember, this type of essay requires that you only give the facts about the topic. Using the topic about the Titanic, you should report on the type of cruise ship it was. You can also give the facts including the size, weight, how many people it holds and how many rooms there were. You are not supposed to write anything subjective about it. For instance, you can’t say that it was the most beautiful ship you have ever seen. You need to just give the particulars about the topic and leave the evaluation and opinions up to the reader. This type of essay is pretty cut and dry. It is the easiest essay you can create because all of the information is right in front of you in books or videos or real people. Just give your readers the information and let your reader take it from there.