How To Do My Essay Like A Professional Writer: Basic Guidelines

Everyone can write an essay like a professional – and I am going to tell you many ways to make this happen, from selecting a great topic, to organizing your thoughts and the essay, to making it shine in the proofreading process.

  1. Pick something to write about that is interesting and important to you, first.
  2. Don’t think about the reader – yet. The more important and interesting the topic is to you, the better your essay will be, the easier it will be to write, and the quicker the writing will go. Do you really care about animals? Seek out interesting animal-related essays on the internet, from what we can do to prevent animal abuse to fascinating whale behavior!

  3. The basic structure—master that one thing, and you can write anything.
  4. There is only one form for just about every essay but an argumentative essay—and I’m going to show you how they are alike and different.

Every Essay Has This Structure

Intro Paragraph with Interesting Sentences that Lure in the Reader

A Thesis Statement

placed at the end of a. one introductory paragraph – or two interesting paragraphs which end with the thesis at the end of the second paragraph.

Supporting Paragraphs

These supporting paragraphs prove your thesis with evidence—not necessarily research – but evidence to prove your thesis—from proof of how you really had a certain memorable experience to actual research on fascinating whale behavior.

A Great Conclusion

A great conclusion is not hard. It’s what you want to say to your reader at the end of your essay that is the ultimate final reflective truth. Also, if it is a research paper, one great trick is to bring it into the very present moment of the research – for example, “In fact, researchers say that whales are one of the few mammals that breed fast enough to keep them from being endangered, as many fish are now due to the changing of the sea climate due to global warming and destructive behaviors of mankind). NOTE: I made that up as an example.

If This WERE an Argumentative Essay

If this were an argumentative essay, for the paragraph two paragraphs before the close—you add in a paragraph where you acknowledge the other side and nay Sayers and then reassert your thesis.

Follow this advice and your essay will be perfect!