Suicide can be defined as one who attempts to kill themselves or is successful at killing themselves.  Suicide has been a major epidemic among young people between the ages of 10 years old to 25 years old.  Many factors can cause an individual to want to commit suicide like loss of a loved one and loss of a job.  Suicide is not an answer to resolve any one’s issues or problems.  Suicide should never be used as an excuse to deal with issues or problems in one’s life.

There are many factors that can trigger an individual to want to take their own life.  One factor that can cause an individual to want to kill themselves is loss of a loved one or ending of a relationship.  Sometimes young people will commit suicide if they are being bullied in school or are in an abusive relationship.  Sometimes individuals will try suicide if they have lost a job, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse.  There can be many factors that may cause an individual to want to end their life, but it is not worth it to do so.

There are many warning signs that an individual can detect if someone wants to commit suicide.  One important warning sign is if the individual becomes distant and stops participating in certain activities like sports or entertainment.  The individual may want to always be alone, depressed, and loves to sleep all of the time.  The individual may always discuss why their life is not worth living and that no one would care if they lived or not.  Also, another key sign of someone that may attempt suicide is if they give away all of their prized possessions and tells all of their loved ones that they love them and goodbye.

A person should always be alert to determine if a loved one is at risk of committing suicide.  Should also ensure that they have all of the tools and resources in place to provide the needed help to the loved one.  One should not judge or argue with anyone who wants to take their own life because that will only make the problem worst.  You should be willing to listen and provide a shoulder for the person to cry on.  Also, should be a good support system for the individual where they know that they will not be judged or questioned about wanting to end their own life.  Someone who wants to commit suicide is crying out for help and you should be there to help them.