Effective tips for writing an essay in only a day

There may be times when you have to get an essay written fast. You may have forgotten about it or you may have been given a strict deadline. Whatever the case is, you can easily write an essay in a day’s time. There are however some essential tips that will save you a lot of time when writing any essay. These tips will help you stay organized and complete the work promptly.

Essay writing is not easy for everyone. There are a lot of people that struggle with the idea of putting ideas into words in a logical manner. It can be especially hard when you need to add a little research into the mix. A lot of essays require a little research. These tips will help you write a paper in no time even if research is involved.


The first step is to choose a topic. If your instructor gives you a specific topic to write about, you can skip over this step. Choose a topic that you are interested in and one that corresponds with the class that you are taking.

Create an outline

Creating an outline is important. It will help you organize your ideas and it will keep your research down. You won’t be researching aspects of your topic that you aren’t even going to write about. Plus it is easier to find sources when you have a specific supporting topic in mind. You will only have to find a source that supports what you are writing about.

Create a thesis sentence

Your thesis sentence doesn’t have to be complicated. Just simply list the three reasons why you believe in your topic. For example, I like dogs because they are loyal, loving, and they will protect you.

Find your sources

If you are asked to find resources to support your topic, you can find a source that explains the main topic and then find ones that support all or some of your supporting themes. In the above example, find a source that says that dogs are loyal.

Fill in your outline

Start writing by filling in your outline. You can add information to each of your topics.

Use transitions

To beef up your paper and to help it flow, use transition sentences. They should be used at the beginning or end or both parts of your paragraph. They can be as simple as “the first reason why I like dogs is because they are loyal”.

If you follow these simple steps, you will have an essay completed in no time. Good luck.