Creating A Basic 3-Paragraph Essay Almost Effortless

An essay is usually defined as an organized collection of ideas which are nicely written and professionally presented. This basically means that you will have to have researched on the topic provided and come up with relevant points to be included in your essay. Having the points is not the only important thing, having the knowledge of how to present your work professionally is quite important. When a basic 3 paragraph essay is the required format, you will basically have to have the following subdivisions: Introduction, Body and conclusion. The following is a look of what is entailed in the various subdivisions.

  • Introduction
  • This paragraph will contain the main idea of the essay, at times this is referred to as the thesis statement. In this paragraph the writer aims at capturing the attention of the reader. Failure to do that can result in the reader losing interest and dismissing your article without having any idea of what your body contained. The first sentence should be catchy and indicate the main idea of your article. The last sentence is commonly called the ‘hook’; it is a transition from the first paragraph to the second paragraph. It should provide a smooth transition to the second paragraph.

  • Body
  • This paragraph contains your strongest argument, cleverest illustration, significant examples or also an obvious beginning point. In the first or the second sentence, you should introduce the subject appropriately. This should relate to the thesis statement which was introduced in the introductory paragraph. Your ideas should clearly be written to show your knowledge levels or ideas about a particular subject. For most of the readers, this is the area which you will be awarded marks for or the necessary approval. Sentence structure and communication of ideas should flow smoothly. The last sentence is a transitional sentence which signals the reader that the final point about the essay has been communicated.

  • Conclusion
  • This is the last paragraph of your essay. It is always advised that you should restate the thesis statement and also supporting ideas in a unique and powerful manner. This is the last chance that you have to fully convince the reader about how valid your points were. In this paragraph, you should include: restatement of the thesis statement, a summary of your main points and a final statement which signals the end of your writing.

By following the above structure, you should write the concern subject effortless though you have to ensure you have adequate knowledge.