Persuasive Essay Opening Paragraph Examples

As suggested by the name, the purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade. You want to win your reader over to seeing things your way. You need to grab their attention with your first few sentences in a perfect opening paragraph. Get them interested in your thesis and what you have to say, and then spend the rest of the paper reeling them in.

Remember when composing your essay that there are three parts to a persuasive essay. These are as follows:

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  1. The Introduction Paragraph
  2. Your introduction paragraph will start with a topic sentence that will be a statement of what you think is correct, true, or right. It should be a strong statement of your position on the more general topic of the essay, or the issue to be addressed. Next provide evidence or examples that prove your position is the correct one. Close your introduction paragraph with a statement that reinforces the opening statement that you made.

  3. The Body/Supporting Paragraphs
  4. The body or supporting paragraphs will go on to provide irrefutable evidence that the statements you made when you opened your essay, cannot be disputed. Each paragraph should be focused on one specific piece of evidence that supports your claims. Some people choose to include a paragraph that explores an opposing view, but ultimately dismisses it as false. This may in fact strengthen your position.

  5. Your Conclusion
  6. The concluding paragraph is the time where you restate and reinforce the thesis set out in your opening paragraph. It should be a powerful, convincing, and concise finish that leaves no doubt in the reader's mind that you, and your position is correct.

Here are two examples of good introductory paragraphs:

  • “I strongly believe that all class rooms in the country should grant each student access to a personal computer, ipad or similar device. The reasons for this are obvious. New technologies are dominant forces in the international economy, and it is impossible for an individual to join the workforce if they lack sufficient skills related to advanced computer technology. If students are given access to these technologies, and encouraged to exploit them, we can build a stronger future for our children and our communities.”
  • “Too many high-tech gadgets in the classroom leads to a lack of sufficient social skills development in our youth. They are distracted, and discouraged from interacting with their peers and professors. This is detrimental to their human development. We need to refocus our attention on learning that is the result of human interactions and intellectual exchanges.”

Note that both take a strong position, offer evidence that supports their position, and finishes with a reaffirmation of the thesis statement. Engage your reader, persuade them with your argument, and close with a strong finish!