Why Do We Have To Write Essays: 4 Strong Arguments

There are some important reasons why students are expected to write essays- and they may not be what you think!

  1. To Improve Their Communication Skills
  2. You may think that your teacher is just trying to annoy you by making you write essay after essay after essay. The truth is, that essays aren’t really about what many people believe they are about.

    The real reason why students are expected to write essays is to help improve their communication skills. This is because essays challenge students to think about an idea and clearly communicate their thoughts and opinions. By writing many essays in High School and College students actually become better speakers, writers, and debaters.

  3. To Improve Their Critical Thinking Skills
  4. On a similar note, another reason why students are expected to write so many essays is because essays writing encourages you to think about ideas or concepts that you may not have otherwise considered. By organizing your thoughts and ideas on paper in an essay composition you are actually practicing your critical thinking and deduction skills.

    Whenever you teacher asks you write an essay on a certain topic they are actually asking you to think about that topic carefully and form your own opinions. This is something that is very important because it will help you formulate your own ideas in the future.

  5. To Have Your Knowledge Evaluated
  6. A third reason why students write essays, that has less to do with the student and more to do with the teacher, is because it is only way a teacher can evaluate an individuals understanding of a subject.

    Essays encourage students to think originally and develop their own responses but also follow specific evaluation criteria. By having students write essays instructors can grade their understanding as well as evaluate their writing level.

  7. To Learn Independently
  8. At the end of the day the BIGGEST reason students are required to write essays is so that they can learn independently outside of the classroom. By having students compose theses and do research on their own instructors can actually encourage students to learn without guidance.

    The four above listed reasons explain why essays are an important part of any academic curriculum. It also clarifies why so many teachers continue to assign essay writing assignments for their students to complete.