10 simple tips to help you write argumentative essay topics

Any essay that gives a balanced or objective description of two sides of a topic can be described as argumentative. In writing an essay that falls under this heading you should try to follow the following tips as closely as possible. If you must omit any, try to at least follow the majority.

There should be at least two sides to your topic

A one sided argument is hard to convincingly convey.

It should be topical

Make sure you write about something that people think about.

It should add something to the subject area

Your writing should expand te pool of existing knowledge with your analysis.

It should be interesting

Boring topics lose readers and even academics can only take so much.

It should be inoffensive

Topics that are divisive only work in very select circumstances.

It should be well supported

Anything you write should be able to be proven.

It should make the reader think

Your argumentative essay should inspire the reader or make him or her consider another perspective.

It should be capable of being presented in a balanced manner

If you are not able to present you essay in a balanced matter you risk venturing into the territory of persuasive essay writing. This is its own legitimate field but you should try to stick to instructions if an argumentative essay is required of you.

In keeping with the above tips, consider any of the following argumentative essay topics:

  • Does the concept of race still have any significance?
  • Historically has religion added or subtracted more from the human experience?
  • Is height the cause of significant discrimination in the work force?
  • Should parents be allowed to selectively abort fetuses that will have special needs?
  • Can Poverty be eliminated completely?
  • Should musicians who create violent or sexually explicit music be penalized by law?
  • Should stricter penalties be awarded to the sellers and users of illegal drugs?
  • Should the fashion industry be forced to use models who are close to the average sizes of the region in which a line of clothing is being shown?
  • Can War ever truly be justified?
  • Should international treaties mandate recycling at levels that result in 0% waste?

Try the essays above as practice or for credit or use them as a starting point to create a few essay topics of your own. Any of those actions can improve you as a student.