How To Find Great Descriptive Essay Samples

A descriptive essay is one where you describe person, place, or thing to the reader but this can also extend to an experience or emotion the writer can write about.  One of the best ways to learn how to write an essay is to use samples to show you how to correctly write and construct an essay.

How To Find Descriptive Essay Samples

  • The first place you can look for descriptive essay samples is the Internet.  A Google search will give you tons of samples to choose from and to use as reference to write your essay.
  • You local or school’s library will also have samples of descriptive essays that you can use as reference and your school’s library might even have past student’s work on file that you can use.
  • You could also buy a book on essay writing to help you find samples of different kinds of essays.  This books tell you how to write each one and usually have samples in the back of the book or in the chapters that you can use as reference.

Best Places Online To Find Descriptive Essay Samples

  • Info Please is a site that is designed to give you homework help but they also have samples of descriptive essays that you can use for writing your essay.
  • About is a site that has all kinds of subjects that they cover but they also have samples of all kinds of essays for your reference.
  • Academic Help has descriptive essay samples and also offers help with writing the essay.  You can submit you essay and get feedback on what you should do to better your essay.
  • Descriptive Essay gives you examples of descriptive essays that you can download and save for later reference.
  • 123 Help Me gives you access to free and paid descriptive essays, I think the site is more for actually buying an essay but you can use the free ones for reference to your essay.
  • You can also find samples of descriptive essays on most university and college sites.  They usually have a writing section that has samples and instructions on how to write it that you can use to help you.

Samples can make writing a descriptive essay easier because is shows you the right way to write one and can give you ideas on how to start your essay.  When you are learning to do something it is always easier to see examples of what you’re working on.  That is why writers read; reading makes the writing process easier and gives them a canvas to work from.