What Are the Classical Argument Essay Topics?

You can be asked to write an argumentative essay on quite a few occasions as a high school student:

  • In an exam, you always have an argumentative essay question in literature
  • As a homework piece, you can be asked to come up with a suitable argumentative essay for a topic of concern
  • As classwork, you can be asked to raise a few points to support a certain argument and then be assigned an essay on that topic

This article discusses a few classical argument essay topics that could be chosen if you’re interested in them.


This has been discussed widely over many generations and still is considered a hot topic for today. It works well if you are interested in researching on the laws surrounding abortion and also if you have a strong opinion on the subject. This could get very lengthy, but if you work well, then you can come up with a great essay.


This is another hot topic that has been alive over centuries. The capital punishment is a huge issue and always has been simply because of the punishment itself. What involves a death penalty punishment is also questioned from time to time, so it can get very interesting to read opinions on this matter.


A lot of ethnic and religious issues surround the scientific theory of cloning. There are many who believe that cloning is wrong because we don’t have the power to create as well as God. These people take Frankenstein as a prime example of what can happen. There are others who believe that cloning is a way forward and not a pitfall. Your opinion will be read across the board and you can look into it if you are interested in finding out more.


If you’re looking for controversy, this is the go-to topic. You will not fall short of information and you will find that, surprisingly, there are people on both sides of this argument as well! If you are a strong believer of any side, then feel free to choose this as your topic because this is full of controversy and always has been for the past few centuries.

Be expressive when talking about your topic. Make sure you show the readers how you feel instead of telling them, because an argument presented with the right set of emotions can work wonders in your favour.