When one tries to understand the meaning of cultural diversity at the work place, they should first get to know what culture is. The term Culture refers to the values and traditions that affect the way people live and think. Generally the world has numerous cultures due to the difference in the geographical locations. Thus Cultural diversity refers to the values and traditions an individual has that affects how he or she relates, thinks and interacts to others in the place of work be it an office or an open air surrounding.

It affects the day to day activities at the office thus affects the time and schedule in the places of work. Since people at the office have different backgrounds and cultures, it is adamant that they should work cooperatively as a unit and forget their differences in order to achieve their goals.

The ability of people with different cultures to interact effectively at the place of work can be achieved greatly by:

  • Enhancing Communication: Providing information at the workplace is a huge step in creating interaction between people. Finding the suitable way to pass information in the office will make it easier for the individuals with different cultures since they provide information differently.
  • Creating different schedules: Since people have different cultural backgrounds, they are bound to react when restricted to a particular trend in the work office. This can be solved by creation of different modes and schedules of working. This will enable the peaceful co existence in the work place.
  • Promoting Team building activities in the offices. These activities will ensure active interactions between the different cultures in the office.

Cultural diversity at the work place enables the people to: become aware of their cultural backgrounds and others as well, gain knowledge of cultural history and heritage, become aware of other people’s perceptions, recognize the effect of racism on others.


Cultural diversity at the work place enables the people to improve on their interpersonal effectiveness and increase their personal and professional opportunities.