How to choose argumentative essay topics that are easy to write on

The main objective of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader to the arguments you make on a particular argumentative essay topic. There is no wrong opinion in argumentative essay, but the main thing is that you have to be logical and produce good points to convince your reader on the topic. The structure of the essay should be well organized giving all sections their due importance.

Some hot argumentative essay topics:

The following is a list of some hot argumentative topics which can earn you good marks:

  1. Is cultural shock really a big thing when you relocate to some other country?
  2. Are people responsible for global warming?
  3. Is the electoral process in your country fair enough to be trusted?
  4. Should men also get paternity leaves from work?
  5. Should the taxation system of our country be revised?
  6. Should parents keep a close look at their kids’ activities on the internet?
  7. Are businesses of today too much dependent on computer and technology?
  8. Should smoking be banned in all public places?
  9. Do condoms prevent teenage pregnancy?
  10. Are the CEOs of different organizations overpaid?

Tips for choosing argumentative essay topics:

The following are some of the useful tips which will help you a great deal in choosing the right argumentative essay topics:

  • The students shouldn’t rush in selecting their topic as a wrongly selected topic can leave him in the middle of nowhere and it can be too late to change the topic.
  • Brainstorm well in the selection of topic. Note down a lot of topics that you can think of. Try to make the points for each of the topics that you listed. The one you think are really difficult shouldn’t be considered and cross them out of your list.
  • Make sure that the topic you selected is something you believe in and you do have an opinion about it without looking into different references.
  • After you select a particular topic, note down all the critical points and ideas that you can think about the topic. Do not limit yourself at this point and write everything that comes in your mind.
  • Before you start writing, make sure that you have accumulated enough points to make a quality argumentative essay. Also, ensure that you have a valid conclusion to the topic as well.