Useful Advice On Composing An Essay About The Smoking Addiction

What is a good essay? It’s a project that is based on a good idea. That is, if you want to compose a nice paper on the smoking addiction, you should start with determining your position regarding it and searching for a good topic.

  • You have two possible ways after you have made up your mind concerning your own opinion about the smoking addiction. You can choose a topic that will help you speak out your mind about either the danger of getting addicted to tobacco smoking and nicotine or the absence of any addiction that can be proved by the number of people who can quit smoking as soon as they want. However, you need to know that sometimes it’s interesting to test your abilities, searching for facts that will support a point of view that is different from your own one. Yet, it’s up to you to choose a topic and the major line of your paper.
  • Having chosen a topic, you need to think over the reference materials that can confirm your point of view. That is, you are supposed to travel to a library and find some interesting and reliable facts about the presence or absence of smoking addiction, its danger, etc. Also, you can search for interesting information on the Internet, being attentive to the resources that provide it. At best, it should be apparently reliable websites located at *.gov, *.org or, at least, *.com.
  • Depending on the type of your essay, you will have to build up a particular structure. That is, such projects mainly consist of three or five paragraphs, as your teacher says. In order to keep the structure logical, start with composing an outline. Having it, you will mention all of your arguments in their logical consequence without forgetting anything.
  • Finally, start writing from the body paragraphs (three or one, depending on the structure). They will show you how to compose the introduction in such a way that it looks perfect and exactly matching the achieved results. Don’t forget about a strong thesis statement that keeps your readers interested. The intro in a paraphrased form is a perfect frame for your conclusions. This is how you can show that you are able to establish proper goals, choose suitable research methods, find and analyze all the available types of reference sources that are related to the smoking addiction, reach the stated goals, and represent the achieved results in a pretty and informative way.